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RespiClean Towel    

  • Strong towel strength for efficient cleaning
  • Towel weave will more effectively and efficiently help remove some bacteria, mold, facial oils, mucous or other contaminants
  • No expiration date
  • Towels are light in weight
  • Packaged for ease of storage and packing with CPAP machine and accessory equipment for airline travel and security screening
  • Use in conjunction with respiratory spray cleaners and deodorizers
  • Physician and Respiratory Therapist
  • Included in this package is a respiratory spray deodorizer and cleaner – RespiClean Travel
    Size SprayTM – also packaged in an 8 oz. size for home use
  • 40 Dry Towels
  • Order # : RET-040 (40 ct)
Click here for additional information on how to maintain your CPAP and other respiratory equipment. (PDF, 21KB)

 Directions for Use:

    • Option 1:
      • Mist mask inside and outside or outside only for nasal pillows.
      • Wipe with the dry towel.

    • Option 2:
      • Mist the dry towel until moist with respiratory spray cleaner and deodorizer.
      • Wipe mask inside and out – allow to air dry.
      • Wipe outside only of nasal pillows – allow to air dry.
        Other respiratory equipment - wipe and allow to air dry.

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