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Order Number:  TO4021

The RespiKit contains all one needs for complete care of breathing equipment:

  • One 8 oz. Fine Mist Spray bottle of RespiClean – used six days a week
  • One 16 oz. bottle of RespiSoak 2% Concentrate – a one month supply using 4 oz. per soaking process.
  • One measuring cup.
  • One 1 oz. bottle of RespiClean Travel Size
  • One instruction sheet
  • One soaking container with lid – marked for correct fill volume of tap water and RespiSoak

    Note:  The lid is sealed on the container when the kit is received - remove the tab and the lid lifts off easily. 
Follow the enclosed instructions to keep your equipment clean, deodorized and free of odor causing bacteria and fungus. All products have been thoroughly tested to insure they will not harm or discolor the rubber and plastic parts of your equipment. Refills are readily available from your retailer.
Simple Process  ·  Environmentally Friendly
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